Saturday, 11 May 2019

Mediterranean buildings in 6mm

The postie handed over some goodies this morning - 6mm Spanish / Italian buildings from Total Battle Miniatures’ excellent Big Battalions range. Queen of the lot is a marvellous monastery which - however - is a bit overscale and I suspect will look too imposing on the table. Still, it’s a magnificent model which is worth adding to any collection. The models are very finely sculpted and I particularly like the terraced rows of houses inspired by the medieval Tuscan town of San Gimignano, one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to. One of the houses has a stone fountain attached to its facade and it is small details like this which make all the difference in my eyes. Hope to paint these soon and upload pictures of the finished product shortly.

Typical medieval terraced houses
The whole lot. The monastery is the monster on the right
Monastery front and chapel annex
A peek into the courtyard

Baccus British light dragoons deployed for scale

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Workbench stuff - Road and river sections

Some time back I got some road and river sections from Timecast Models of UK. Timecast have an extensive range of latex road and river sections together with matching fords and bridges in a variety of sizes making them ideal for whatever scale of figures one uses. 6mm scale is catered for more than adequately and I find their roads and rivers really enhance the table. Both roads and rivers have raised edges to represent hedges and foliage one tends to find by roadsides and along waterways.

Anyway, when I first received them, I quickly painted and dry-brushed the sections but they were never really up to scratch in my eyes. So these past two evenings I sat down and flocked the edges using Army Painter Field Grass from their Battlefields range and PVA glue. I am really happy with the results obtained and what were tired roads and rivers are now vibrant green with foliage. Anyone know where I can get some 6mm squirrels and otters?

A few of the original road sections with painted edges and dry brushed roadways

The finished road sections now in full bloom

A river section with finished bank on top and the original painted bank at bottom. The difference is quite clear.
The real deal - Army Painter Field Grass. Two thumbs up!