Monday, 4 February 2019

Foundry Chasseur a' Cheval Garde Officer


As I had occasion to mention in previous posts, I like to go for 'display' grade 28mm Napoleonics as fillers between projects. Last week, in between my Lion Rampant medievals and 6mm Ancients (my latest project), I went for Foundry's classic Chasseur a' Cheval Garde officer in 28mm. (Or is it 25mm? Being an older figure I'm not really sure).

Anyway, this figure is one of a yet incomplete unit of guard chasseurs and this is the final result. I still have three figures to paint to complete the unit and as soon as they are ready I will present the final unit.  In the meantime, I am posting a set of pictures of this beautifully sculpted officer figure inspired by Theodore Gericault's famous painting (right). Credit to Foundry for a really classic figure!

Monday, 21 January 2019

28mm Medieval Mounted Sergeants

Medievals have always held a special interest for me but somehow always played second fiddle to Napoleonics.  In my youth I used to play WRG with a regular opponent but through the years we lost touch with each other and my Hinchliffe figures ended up forgotten in their box deep down in the dungeons.  

Last year, however, I resolved to revive the period and got a hold of Lion Rampant (LR) medieval skirmish rules.  Not willing to repaint and rebase my old miniatures (they were admittedly primitive anyway), I ordered 28mm miniatures from Front Rank (metals) and Fireforge (plastics), both manufacturers having excellently detailed figures. However, being a sucker for detail, I was unable to give them the 'production line' treatment and ended up painting each figure individually meaning that it took ages to build up a decent amount of figures.  Now that I have enough to field a number of units, I think that in the end it was worth taking the extra time and effort.   

 As an opener, I am presenting a LR unit of six mounted sergeants from Fireforge.  They come in multipose form of which I am not too keen as I honestly consider the construction phase a bit of a pain in the neck. However, I have to admit that the end result is a pleasant collection of varied figures which is not always possible to obtain with non-multipose figures. I am attaching some pictures of this fictional unit for LR.