Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Enter 'Et Sans Resultat !'

You just got to love that courier when he delivers the goodies!

Going through recent (and not so recent) reviews on the net, I was intrigued by comments and opinions on the 'Et Sans Resultat!' ruleset (ESR in brief) issued by the Wargaming Company of the US and distributed in Europe by Magister Militum of the UK. Aimed at larger unit formation actions in the vein of 'Age of Eagles', this ruleset seemed right up our street so my pal Dave and myself got us each a copy of the Complete Player's Guide plus an 1809 scenario book to see what we can come up with on table. 

The ESR books have arrived today and my first impression is that they are very professionally presented with loads of illustrations and examples - let's hope they work fine and leave little room for interpretation.  Dying to try them out and hope to give further impressions and maybe an AAR shortly. 

In the meantime would love to hear from anyone who has already given them a shot.

Watch this space !

ESR Complete Player's Guide plus 1809 scenario book


  1. I have a playtest version of ESR from many years ago but barely recall the mechanisms of play. I do have one of the campaign books, 1813, and it is indeed a high quality production and a terrific resource.

  2. I’m swotting my way through the rulebook right now and hopefully will shortly manage to do some tabletop testing. There will obviously be a learning curve so given time I hope to put down my impressions in due course. Thanks as always Jonathan.