Monday, 4 February 2019

Foundry Chasseur a' Cheval Garde Officer


As I had occasion to mention in previous posts, I like to go for 'display' grade 28mm Napoleonics as fillers between projects. Last week, in between my Lion Rampant medievals and 6mm Ancients (my latest project), I went for Foundry's classic Chasseur a' Cheval Garde officer in 28mm. (Or is it 25mm? Being an older figure I'm not really sure).

Anyway, this figure is one of a yet incomplete unit of guard chasseurs and this is the final result. I still have three figures to paint to complete the unit and as soon as they are ready I will present the final unit.  In the meantime, I am posting a set of pictures of this beautifully sculpted officer figure inspired by Theodore Gericault's famous painting (right). Credit to Foundry for a really classic figure!


  1. Really nicely painted figure! Full of motivation and motion! 😀

  2. This figure is definitely a classic sculpt. Thanks a lot for your comment Stew 😊

  3. What a super paint job, a figure that you can really look at for a while and just enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Norm. I can say I enjoyed painting it too.

  4. A classic figure and superb brushwork! Both man and beast are very well done. I admire your work on the dapple grey.

  5. Thank you so much Jonathan! Yes, admittedly greys are not so easy to paint convincingly and there are a couple of areas of the horse not to my liking but I’m quite happy with the overall effect and final result. I used highly diluted ivory white for the dapples and repeated the process two or three times to get enough coverage but at the same time leaving some of the colour underneath (sky grey) to show through.

  6. Beautiful brushwork on this classic figure.