Sunday, 24 February 2019

Greek Command Stand

Having a couple of hours to spare last evening I came up with this command stand for my Greek army-in-the-making. Nothing much, but it serves to illustrate the animation and detail Baccus have managed to squeeze into their 6mm figures. Truly five star sculpts, even at this scale!

"And I tell you Sparta is that way !"

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Baccus 6mm Greek Army (wip)

I haven't posted for the last few weeks because I have been concentrating on a new project - 6mm ancients. Partly driven by an old desire, and partly inspired by my pal DaveG as well as some of JonathanF's recent blog posts on his excellent 'Palouse Wargaming Journal', I decided to take the plunge and get myself some classical Greeks from Baccus. Baccus have a vast range of splendid ancients and I got enough for two armies with the aim of recreating Peloponnesian strife between Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and what-not.  So as soon as the various hoplites, peltasts, psiloi, and chums were delivered I set about building my armies.  However I must say that it is taking much longer than I expected. With 6mm Napoleonics, the painting process is quite fast due to the uniformity of the colours used.  With ancients, however, the many varied colours and lack of uniformity translates into a lot more time consuming process which honestly took me by surprise.  Not to mention the decals to be applied to each and every hoplite shield ! Anyway, no use complaining.  The only solution is to get stuck in and carry on. Some pictures below with a few sample units.  Many more still to come......

The units finished to date
Phalanx detail

Bolt throwers deployed in front of peltast unit

Archers supported by heavy cavalry
Javelin psiloi providing skirmish cover to phalanx

Another phalanx closeup
Phalanx from right flank. Note leading two ranks with spears in attack position.

Haven't decided on a ruleset yet but second edition Impetus is a hot candidate

Monday, 4 February 2019

Foundry Chasseur a' Cheval Garde Officer


As I had occasion to mention in previous posts, I like to go for 'display' grade 28mm Napoleonics as fillers between projects. Last week, in between my Lion Rampant medievals and 6mm Ancients (my latest project), I went for Foundry's classic Chasseur a' Cheval Garde officer in 28mm. (Or is it 25mm? Being an older figure I'm not really sure).

Anyway, this figure is one of a yet incomplete unit of guard chasseurs and this is the final result. I still have three figures to paint to complete the unit and as soon as they are ready I will present the final unit.  In the meantime, I am posting a set of pictures of this beautifully sculpted officer figure inspired by Theodore Gericault's famous painting (right). Credit to Foundry for a really classic figure!