Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Italian / Peninsular BUA's in 6mm

I decided to give my poor eyes a rest this week and opted for two North Italy / Peninsular built up areas for my 6mm Napoleonics. Buildings are from Total Battle Miniatures and Timecast, both excellent but my preference goes to TBM. Trees are from some Chinese manufacturer on ebay, walls have been in my storage dump for ages and the piazza cross monument is scratch built from a couple of washers and stuff. I use Hexon terrain so the BUA's are mounted on hex bases for use with Age of Eagles.  No troop models are actually placed inside the BUA's, only counters to indicate the number of stands occupying them.  I pack the buildings close together to give the impression of those winding narrow streets and huddled buildings so common in the med.

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Cheers and take care!

Village A

Town square closeup. Note bougainvillea creeping up church facade.

Village B

Joining both BUA's gives a small town

Both villages in the foreground with the rest of my Italian/Peninsular BUA's

Your typical alpine terrain. Hear the boys yodel?

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Another week, another knight

I've taken a liking to these mounted Men at Arms. Admittedly, I'm not churning them out at anything more than a snail's pace but I guess the reason is there for all to see. As usual, the figure is from Front Rank's excellent Hundred Years War 28mm range.  The pictures have been taken with a low exposure setting on purpose as the caparison detailing seemed to come out better this way, so I apologise if certain other parts of the figure are a bit darker than would normally be expected.

I have to say I really enjoyed painting this figure but painting the rampant lions on the right (dexter) side of the figure was a pain in the beginning as they are essentially mirror images of the ones on the left which were the first ones to be painted.  Once I got the hang of it, it was fine though.

I am cross posting this one on the The Analogue Hobbies Quarantine Challenge.

Hope you like it and take care y'all.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Front Rank HYW MAA in 28mm

I have now caught the medieval men-at-arms bug and after uploading last week's post I sat down again for a second helping.  This time I opted for a green and orange lozenge pattern covering the whole from practically top to bottom.  Have to say it was frustrating at times to get the pattern right and I am not altogether happy the way it turned out in some areas but the overall final result is pleasing to the eye and most defects tend to be 'absorbed' in the end. On completion I use Mr Surfacer Satin finish which brightens and protects the paintwork but unfortunately gives a bit of a sheen when it comes to photography, so I apologise if certain areas are too reflective in the pictures. I intend to present this figure in the Analogue Hobbies Quarantine Challenge as my first project in the challenge.

Stay well and healthy.