Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Basement Gaming Room complete

I have finally gotten around to finishing my gaming room - it's been more than a year since I posted how my room was progressing and now I can finally say that it is well nigh complete.  That's the way we work things out here in the Med - slow and easy!

Anyway, I put in an 8' x 6' (4.20m x 1.80m) table which should be enough for most games in my preferred 6mm scale, even though there will always be the occasional scenario which requires even more space.  In such case I have enough space in the room to extend the table but for the moment an 8' x 6' will do.  I have the table covered in Kallistra hex terrain and am particularly pleased how their half hexes cover all around the edges to give the table a neat, complete look.

I fitted a few frames, two of which are really 1,500 piece jigsaw puzzles glued onto backing board and then framed.  Ages ago I got a Confederate Stars 'n Bars from a local camping shop (God knows what it has to do with camping!) which I pulled out of storage, had it washed by my better half and put on display at one end of the table. I also put in some old hifi equipment that I had lying around - a radio, amplifier and analogue turntable - after suitably having the lot reconditioned and cleaned. I don't mind having music going on at (very) low volume in the background. At the further end of the room I set up a bench to do my occasional airbrushing work.  It also doubles up as a workbench with some storage underneath. In future I hope to utilise the space beneath the table itself for even more storage as I don't feel I have enough at the moment. Before next summer I plan to put in an A/C unit or it would become unbearable down in the basement during the summer months. 

All that's left now is to start pushing tin and roll them dice......

The completed room with workbench at the far end. The two large frames at centre are jigsaw puzzles.  My 6mm collection is in the two cabinets on right. Still a lot of space to fill up in there !
From another angle showing hifi cabinet used for storage and display of some old diecast models.