Sunday, 31 May 2020

1808 Spanish and Portuguese units in 6mm

I've been busy adding more 6mm figures to my Peninsular forces these past weeks and managed to finish a decent amount of Spanish and Portuguese units for my upcoming Albuera refight. All figures are from Baccus as usual and I still have a few Portuguese units to go before I can stage the battle. I also put in a few Spanish command stands - a couple of Portuguese commands will be added later.  I plan to include a few British officers in these to reflect the British training and equipping of the Lusitanian troops.

Five Spanish line regiments plus some irregulars/militia (bottom right) and command stands in front
The 4th, 10th & 14th Portuguese line regiments 
The combined force, Portuguese on left and Spanish on right
I hope to add some cacadores this week or the next and wrap up the remaining 12 Portuguese stands that I need for the refight. I will put them up on the blog as soon as complete.

Until then keep healthy everyone.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Baccus 6mm Spanish units

Following last week's Mediterranean BUA's I got the urge to continue with my Spanish 6mm army so I fished them out of the war chest and painted up a few units, more precisely six foot artillery batteries, the Maria Luisa hussars, Regimiento del Rey heavy cavalry, Lusitania dragoons and Zaragoza line infantry.  All units are painted with 1808 uniforms and are based for Age of Eagles.

Six foot batteries and Maria Luisa hussars

Red dolman and Sky Blue pelisse for the hussars - very colourful uniforms!

The artillerymen are no less colourful in their blue uniforms with red facings and blue grey guns
Rey heavy cavalry on left, Lusitania dragoons in the centre and Zaragoza line infantry on right
Infantry flags from Baccus, cavalry standards are hand painted
The Zaragoza regiment kept their 1802 blue uniforms, unlike the usual white for the line infantry
And a final group picture of the whole lot

Next week I will be pressing on with more Spanish units with a solo replay of Albuera in mind sometime in the future.

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Good health to all